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The overall project objective is improving governance in the mining sector by establishing a transparent system for granting and managing mineral permits. The efficient and reliable administration of such titles is considered to be a key factor in increasing investment and growth in the Republic of Tajikistan's mining sector.

In practical terms, the project involves implementing a rule-based, computerised management system with GIS functionality that caters for the entire life cycle of mineral titles. The system must also ensure that the title administration procedures comply with the relevant laws and regulations. The implementation will be accompanied by institutional and technical capacity building activities within the cadastral organisation. The resulting improved and transparent administration of mining titles is expected to make the mining sector more attractive to private sector investment, to exploration and mining companies.

The project has a duration of two years and is embedded in the "Tajikistan Private Sector Competitiveness Project" funded by the World Bank/International Development Association (IDA). This was launched as a response to Tajikistan's request for assistance in developing its mineral sector. It will result in the introduction of best practices and will strengthen the contribution of Tajikistan's mining sector to economic development in the country.

The following services were provided within the framework of the project:

  • Analysis of the mining act and regulations
  • Development and implementation of cadastral procedures
  • Recommend a new organization of the cadastre
  • Development and operationalizing a new computerized mining title system
  • Development and launch of a special webpage for the cadastre
  • Specification of the ICT infrastructure and required hardware and software
  • Provision and development of a system for public access via internet
  • Establishment of a procedure for public consultation
  • Development and implementation of a comprehensive training program
  • Institutional strengthening

The assessment of the current institutional and technical situation has been concluded. Other project activities are ongoing.