Ministry of Mines and Energy

Burkina Faso
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The objective of this project is to oversee the final phase of reorganization of the cadastral information (pre-cadastre, see above) and to design, develop, test and implement a new system of computerized cadastral management, aimed facilitate cadastral management and granting of mining titles, ensure transparency and efficiency, and safety of mining titles to improve governance and the investment climate in the mining sector.

The actual services provided encompass the complete cycle from the institutional assessment to the design, programming, implementation, and training of the Web-based information system:

  • System analysis (IT environment, software, database magement systems, etc.)
  • Collection, conversion, and integration of available digital data
  • Data quality analysis
  • Database and application design and system development
  • System implementation, data consolidation and verification, and database population
  • Development of a system implementation strategy
  • Capacity building and training

This project started in July 2015.