The eMC+ platform constitutes an enterprise scale mineral tenure management solution. It is an integrated, scalable and workflow-based system with built-in GIS functionality that helps mining cadaster organizations to achieve efficient management of mineral tenures and contracts. It covers all relevant aspects of the mineral tenure life-cycle and provides easy access to current as well as historic mineral tenure data.

Compatibility and data exchange

Application/service compatibility as well as data compatibility are important factors for the successful and sustainable implementation of any computerized system.

The eMC+ platform provides fully OGC-compliant web services that enable integration into 3rd party systems. In its default configuration, the software supports the exporting and importing of data in several different data formats, such as Esri Shapefile, KML for Google Earth, CSV, etc., if this is needed in order to carry out further data analysis and processing.

In terms of compatibility with standard GIS desktop products, the eMC+ platform provides out-of-the-box interoperability with several desktop GIS products such as ArcGIS, MapInfo or GeoMedia.