The eMC+ platform constitutes an enterprise scale mineral tenure management solution. It is an integrated, scalable and workflow-based system with built-in GIS functionality that helps mining cadaster organizations to achieve efficient management of mineral tenures and contracts. It covers all relevant aspects of the mineral tenure life-cycle and provides easy access to current as well as historic mineral tenure data.

Development of Specific Functionality

Although the eMC+ platform provides a wide range of functionality for many different scenarios, it might be the case that some functionality that is very specific to your organization is not provided out-of-the-box. This functionality could relate, for example, to REDD compliance aspects, management of farms or further complementary aspects.

If this is the case, the exact user requirements for the functionality can be addressed by our experts at an early stage of the project implementation. The development of customized modules is conducted in close consultation with your staff in order to achieve an exact match with your requirements.

Due to the modular concept of our platform, customized modules fit seamlessly into all editions of the eMC+ software. They provide an easy way to supplement the existing range of functions provided by your eMC+ installation.