The eMC+ platform constitutes an enterprise scale mineral tenure management solution. It is an integrated, scalable and workflow-based system with built-in GIS functionality that helps mining cadaster organizations to achieve efficient management of mineral tenures and contracts. It covers all relevant aspects of the mineral tenure life-cycle and provides easy access to current as well as historic mineral tenure data.

An Overview on the eMC+ modules

The modular approach of the eMC+ platform allows the creation of a tailored solution by selecting the components that are required by your organization. We differentiate between Core and Extension modules.

Core modules are essential for the operation of the eMC+ software and form the basis of the mineral tenure management system. They provide all the functions necessary for operating a Mining Cadaster.

Extension modules add more capabilities to eMC+ with Extension modules. These specialized tools allow further sophisticated tasks to be implemented, such as auditing or the provision of advanced services for customers.

This module manages all standard aspects of mineral tenure information such as customers, transaction registration, rule-based tenure processing and issuance, and fees. It generates all the required document output, including receipts, notifications, statistics, certificates, etc. and provides integrated GIS functionality for visualizing, spatially verifying and printing transaction and mineral tenure information.

The key features of this module are:

  • Transaction registration and compilation of registers
  • Processing of queues and rule-based processing
  • Mineral tenure registers and full tenure history
  • Map viewer and map printing
  • Customer relations management
  • Statistical analysis output
  • Data import and export

Root functionality like user management, system administration, default configuration, etc. are also accessible via this module.

Cadastral workflows differ between various jurisdictions and the eMC+ platform provides you with the tools to adjust all relevant business processes according to your specific needs.

The applicable types of mineral tenures, the transaction types, the corresponding processing steps and all other settings can easily be configured through intuitive interfaces.

This module increases the efficiency of your compliance requirements and reduces auditing costs by providing the functionality to create a full audit trail of changes to tenure-relevant data and modifications to business processes and workflows. All changes with regard to adding, modifying or deleting data or processes are recorded with a time stamp and user information for each entry. System logins - both successful and attempted - are also recorded. Audits can be triggered for different scopes and time frames. Their results are presented in standardized audit reports.

Cadastral workflows differ between various jurisdictions and the eMC+ platform provides you with the tools to adjust all relevant business processes according to your specific needs. By providing online services through the internet, this eMC+ extension module allows you to improve communications with your customers as well as increasing transparency and customer satisfaction. Its focus lies on applicants and tenure owners and includes a map viewer which can also be used to draw boundaries for new applications or transactions. It allows registered customers to submit applications and track the application processing status via the Internet. Tenure owners are thus able to monitor their existing tenures and submit applications for tenure modifications online. The regulatory rules configured through the workflow definition module are also applied for applications submitted online, thereby ensuring compliance.

This module provides central storage for all types of electronic documents. Whether you need to store digital forms received from applicants submitting applications, attach reports and documents submitted by owners to the mineral tenure or link bidding documents to tender announcements, this extension provides user-friendly access to the required documents. It also enables you to store all digital files generated by the eMC+ software directly in the database. The document management module helps your organization to improve its capability to manage large amounts of documents while increasing efficiency.

With most legal frameworks, the owner of a mineral tenure is obliged to pay royalties based on the value of the minerals mined, thus making the mining sector an important factor for economic growth. By monitoring the mineral production of tenure owners, the eMC+ platform helps cadaster organizations to determine, verify and track royalty revenues. The capturing and handling of mineral production records is supported for mineral tenures and mines. Based on the production data, specific tools for royalty determination and recording can be used to manage the revenue related information.

Provision of time critical information to customers is important but can be difficult if analog communication methods are used. This module increases the core functionality of the mineral tenure module by providing the functionality to notify mineral tenure owners and applicants about status updates, changes to claims and the processing of applications. Notifications are sent to tenure owners and applicants by email.

Regulatory frameworks often require certain tasks to be accomplished within a certain time period; to this end, the allocation of clear responsibilities during the processing of applications improves overall efficiency and performance. The user tasks module helps your organization to identify possible bottlenecks and improvement opportunities, thus helping to eliminate processing backlogs. It allows task managers and authorized users to assign application processing relevant tasks to specific users. Upon completion of a task, other users involved in the processing of an application and the task manager are automatically notified of progress.

A modern cadaster portal provides a central access point to mining cadaster relevant information for investors, mineral tenure owners and the general public. Our cadaster portal is based on a state-of-the-art content management system and allows the provision of realtime information such as the latest mineral tenures granted or tender announcements issued via the eMC+ framework. The map viewing capabilities can be adapted to suit your specific requirements. Enhance your visibility and keep your customers informed, via a central information repository, about key topics such as regulatory issues, current mining sector activities and bid announcements.