GAF AG, headquartered in Munich, Germany, provides expert consultancy services in the mining governance sector, ranging from the implementation of computerized mining cadaster systems, title registries and geological and mining information systems to the provision of capacity building and know-how transfer. GAF, an e-GEOS, Telespazio company, is globally active and has an international reputation as an experienced provider of services in the fields of geo-information, satellite remote sensing, spatial IT-consultancy and institutional strengthening for private and public clients.

Development, sustainability, compliance: We work in the thematic fields of natural resources and raw materials, environment and water, forestry and agriculture, security, infrastructure and emergency management. We provide sustainable solutions for resource management, inventories, monitoring and planning - based on sound management practices, expert skills and know-how transfer. We are ready to serve you from our home base, in your office and in the field.

Geo-information technology, solutions, products: We offer a comprehensive end-to-end portfolio of products and services, including earth observation data, geo-products, the integration of space technologies (satellite communication, earth observation and positioning) into real world applications and the provision of IT technology, consulting services and institutional strengthening. We are always at the cutting edge of technological and data provision developments.

Our success is based on the ability to combine a good understanding of the challenges of the consulting world with sound, appropriate technical solutions that support political and administrative processes and also excellent access to relevant geo-data - and all this is provided with a global perspective. GAF is internationally active - with a successful track record consisting of more than 1000 projects in over 100 countries worldwide, where we work and have worked for international institutions, development banks, national authorities and organizations and the private sector. GAF provides solutions in the sectors of mining and geology, natural resources, water and environment, security, land and renewable resources.

GAF AG | Arnulfstr. 199 | 80634 Munich | Germany