GAF has 20 years of experience in the institutional setup and implementation of Mining Cadasters and Geo-Information Systems, making us well-qualified to provide top quality consultancy services and state-of-the-art software.


Improvement of the Mining Cadastre

The goal of this project is the establishment of an efficient and transparent cadastre system for granting and managing mineral rights in Niger. The cadastre system established is based on GAF’s eMC+ a fully web-...

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Design and Installation of a Geological Data Management Information System for Malawi

The core objective of the assignment comprises the development of a GIS-based central data repository a management backend, and a data catalogue, which will be accessible through the internet. The final system will...

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Burkina Faso

Design and implementation of new Mining Cadaster Information System

The objective of this project is to oversee the final phase of reorganization of the cadastral information (pre-cadastre, see above) and to design, develop, test and implement a new system of computerized cadastral...

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Modernisation of the Mining Cadastre of the Republic of Tajikistan

The overall project objective is improving governance in the mining sector by establishing a transparent system for granting and managing mineral permits. The efficient and reliable administration of such titles is...

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