The eMC+ framework provides a full range of services relevant for the successful and sustainable implementation of a modern Mining Cadaster. The services cover institutional aspects and also all relevant system-related topics such as IT assessment, human resources capacity assessment, data migration and data consolidation. All eMC+ services aim at increasing your organizational capacities and business efficiency.

When implementing the eMC+ framework, we use a structured project management approach and apply quality assurance standards (the company is fully compliant with the ISO EN DIN 9001 standard). This allows us to manage all activities effectively, maintain a clear project baseline for orderly task scheduling and ensure good communications between all stakeholders.

During the execution of a project, our experts have access to all of GAF’s departments and facilities, thus ensuring that they obtain all the support required for successful performance of the project.


Service portfolio

Legal review and procedural analysis

A country’s legal jurisdiction provides the basis for its mineral tenure cadasters and comprises i) the mining act ii) the mining regulations and iii) all relevant laws regarding the management and issuance of mineral tenures...

Workflow configuration

Assessment activities are an integral component in establishing a computerized mineral tenure management system. The results of the assessments support the understanding of the current situation and enable GAF’s consultants to define the most suitable approach for...

Institutional assessment

Cadastral procedures and associated workflows vary in different countries. In addition, workflows may change over time. An eMC+ installation can therefore be configured to adapt the respective workflows to the relevant and currently valid cadastral procedures and business processes.

Capacity building

Capacity building focuses on the development of core skills and capabilities among staff, such as leadership, technical and financial management skills, as well as the creation or refining of the evaluation and assessment mechanisms needed in order to ensure effectiveness...

Our expertise

Project management

Contracts | Liaison | Project monitoring and quality control | Reporting | Management

Institutional strengthening

Legal review | Cadastral procedures | Business processes | Mines inspectorate | Institutional setup | Skills assessment | Capacity building

Information and Communications Technology

ICT assessment | System architecture | Server sizing | Network | Security | Procurement support and supervision


Data assessment and consolidation | Data inventory | Data migration | Database modelling | Cartography | Mapping | GPS | Interoperability


User requirements consolidation | System design | Software development | Web services | Testing | Documentation | Support

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