Frequently Asked Questions about eMC+

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eMC+ does not require any third party software that is with costs.

Yes, eMC+ does support languages both for the user interfaces as well as the data storage.

eMC+ currently supports English, French, Russian, and German language. Further languages can be added on demand.

eMC+ is a web-based system. Therefore, no limitations regarding the client's operating system exist.

On the server side, the eMC+ software requires a Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 or newer. The database server and/or map server can be installed either on a Microsoft or a Linux operating system.

The eMC+ can be used with any modern web browser that supports HTML5 and CSS3 stylesheets such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 11+, Mozilla Firefox 30+, Google Chrome 21+, etc.

The eMC+ software does not require any browser plugins.

The eMC+ platform provides out-of-the-box interoperability with several desktop GIS products such as ArcGIS, MapInfo or GeoMedia.

The eMC+ platform uses a responsive design and is fully compatible with mobile devices such as smartphone, pahblets, or tablets.

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