The eMC+ platform constitutes an enterprise scale mineral tenure management solution. It is an integrated, scalable and workflow-based system with built-in GIS functionality that helps mining cadaster organizations to achieve efficient management of mineral tenures and contracts. It covers all relevant aspects of the mineral tenure life-cycle and provides easy access to current as well as historic mineral tenure data.

GAF’s eMC+ solution is a fully web-based, multi-user, enterprise-scaled software product based on state-of-the-art technology. The software has a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach, which allows simultaneous use and easy mutual data exchange between 3rd party information systems from different vendors.

The eMC+ platform and its technical components are native 64-bit applications that take full advantage of the functionality of the latest hardware and up-to-date operating systems. The software is accessed through a web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome and does not require the installation of any browser plugins. This permits easy system-rollout in your organization or the inclusion of additional workstations.

The software includes a configurable framework that allows easy adaptation and configuration of the software based on your specific needs. Configuration of the software is carried out via client interfaces which provide all the required functionality to adjust workflows, business processes and communication templates such as receipts and notifications.

eMC+ software


Configurable workflows

Includes the functionality to adjust all relevant business processes according to your specific needs through intuitive interfaces.

GIS integration

Integrated GIS functionality for managing, visualizing, spatially verifying and printing mineral tenure information.

Multi-lingual support

Fully multi-lingual software and database system.


Latest web development technologies


Increased security

SSL | Authentication | Authorization | Object-relational mapping technology

Reliable and scalable data management

Postgresql | GeoServer | GeoWebCache

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